Sunday, November 6, 2011

Loumar Pies and Tarts

Loumars pies and tarts

Tagaytay have been my second home, been visiting this place since I was a kid. So, I would like to feature one of the best place you could buy Paslubong  if ever you’re in Tagaytay.

Located along Aguinaldo Highway just a few meters away from the rotunda, is a place called Loumars Pies and Tarts.  There is a wide array of sweet you could buy displayed on the shelf. There are pineapple candies, lengua, piyaya, tamarind candies, some banana chips and of course lots of pies and tarts.

I have bought a box of blueberry tarts, assorted tarts and buko pie as pasalubong, but the blueberry tarts were eaten by my sister and my nephew inside the car. I also couldn’t help myself after seeing and smelling the blueberry tarts I just have to try and eat them, after one bite I could not stop myself.

My blueberry tarts
I saw that they were also selling American pie; I haven’t tried that one so I ask the ladies on the counter if I could have a taste test of their American pie, and luckily they gladly said yes. I tried it while it’s still hot, the pie itself is sweet complimented with the taste of the meat inside, and it’s like eating a huge empanada.

When we arrived home we quickly ate the assorted tarts and sadly it didn’t see the light of day, in less than 10 minutes everything was gone the only traces the assorted tarts left aside from the smile of satisfaction on our face is the empty carton box with few pie crumb left. 

For more info:
Loumar Pies and Tarts
Barangay San Jose, Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City

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  1. Buy Loumars ONLY when it's HOT, I bought 7 boxes as pasalubong and all gone to waste in just more than 24 hours. The buko pie went slimy, malamang 'yung binigay samin last Sunday afternoon August 18, 2013 luma na. Kaya pala nung bumibili kami sabi ko bakit hndi mainit, sabi nung tindera bago yan Mam. Oh well, bago nga!


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