Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is the expensive version of Infinitea, price are from 65 to 199php for tea drinks. Bubble tea is also known as “Tokyo Milk Tea Drink”, located on the ground floor of what used to be the biggest mall in the Philippines until SM Mall of Asia was built. My sister was the first to tell me to try out Bubble Tea, I thought that it was just a tea house, but upon entering the place I found out that it is also a Japanese restaurant serving Japan’s favorite meal like Ramen, Gyudon and Katsudon.

I went to Bubble Tea to seek out their milk teas. I have been there twice and there’s no regret from those 2 visits I had. On my first time at Bubble tea I asked the girl at the counter what’s their best seller, so offered that I should order their famous Royal Milk Tea. Which is not a money waster, it tasted really good. There tapioca (sago) was easy to bite and fits on the straw so it wasn’t hard to sip using the straw unlike most tapioca drink franchises (zagu, pearl and quick).

The Royal Milk tea is made from red tea brewed, mixed with milk and sweetened tapioca.

Second time I went there, I ordered Almond Milk Tea. I remember that a friend of mine told me that almond makes one of the best teas. And he was right, Almond tea was indeed delicious. The taste was so natural and the sweetness is very mild making you enjoy the taste of the tea more.

The place is also a good hangout, not that crowded unlike those coffee shops in Megamall and plus there a rice or noodles meals available in case you get hungry. They are also serving fruit tea drink and pastries.

For more info:
Bubble Tea
SM Megamall
Bldg B, Ground Floor
02 - 6387479

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