Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mr. Kurosawa

Mr. Kurosawa Euro-Japanese food, eastwood city
After long walks and shopping around Eastwood, my friend and I got hungry. We were deciding whether to eat at Flying pig or Mr. Kurosawa, but Japanese food that time sounds yummy so we decided to take our lunch at Mr. Kurosawa.

The place during that time was really jam packed, they have really big menu. Not just the size of the menu itself but also the number of choices available.  The menu is a combination of old Japanese food mixed with modern Hollywood - named and style of cooking.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ambos Mundos

Ambos Mundo
They say this is one of the oldest restaurants in the Philippines and I also have read this on Carlos Celdran’s blog, he describes the menus as “definitely Rizalian” and the interior design as “Nick Joaquin chic.” Patrons will be amused to see a black pig lounging near the entryway of the establishment. The staff says the pig is there for luck.

Ambos Mundo restaurant is located at the Sta.Cruz, Manila across another restaurant Wah Sun which I wrote about last Feb 2011 on this blog. As the name suggest, it serves both worlds Filipino and Spanish cuisine.