Monday, September 21, 2015

Ramen Nagi at Robinsons Magnolia

Ramen Nagi at Robinsons Magnolia Ground Floor

Been out for quiet a while, just gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. But hey, I have loads of pending articles and I haven't finished my Ramen Series. For my 3rd entry, ladies and gentlemen I present to you RAMEN NAGI.

We visited Ramen Nagi after my baby's pedia session, haha we are training the little one to accommodate us on our date. One location of Ramen Nagi is at Robinsons Magnolia, for those who will be commuting it is at a walkable distance from LRT 2 Gilmore Station, so you can alight at that station. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TAMAGOYA Noodle House : Budget Friendly Ramen House

Continuing my Ramen Series we now move on to a restaurant that have been featured in POP Talk of QTV 11, located near the boundaries of Marikina and Antipolo the hole in the wall ramen house that is known as TAMAGOYA.

A 2-storey building that looks like it really came from Japan, the structures are made of wood and the whole feel of the area is so-Japanese like those we read in Manga's (Japanese Comics) and Anime (Japanese Cartoons). Parking here is not really a big problem since this place is located at a residential area you can actually park on the side of the road, but of course caution must be exercised.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jipan Cafe and Bakeshop

Jipan Cafe and Bakeshop

I'll be creating a RAMEN series since I think this is what I crave for during my first trimester. This would be Ramen Series #1 : Jipan.

First on my list is JIPAN, located on Megamall A Ground floor. I like the pastries here but this would be the first time I tried their Ramen.