Monday, September 21, 2015

Ramen Nagi at Robinsons Magnolia

Ramen Nagi at Robinsons Magnolia Ground Floor

Been out for quiet a while, just gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. But hey, I have loads of pending articles and I haven't finished my Ramen Series. For my 3rd entry, ladies and gentlemen I present to you RAMEN NAGI.

We visited Ramen Nagi after my baby's pedia session, haha we are training the little one to accommodate us on our date. One location of Ramen Nagi is at Robinsons Magnolia, for those who will be commuting it is at a walkable distance from LRT 2 Gilmore Station, so you can alight at that station. 

Anyhoo, Ramen Nagi is located at the Ground Floor, entrance is at the outside of the mall. I'm just saying the specifics cause we got lost haha, tho not really familiar with the mall itself. 

Ramen Nagi's condiments

Hmm what tipped me off with Ramen Nagi was I guess the service / courtesy of their staff, given that we had an infant with us they should have provided us a better waiting area, there was actually another customer with an infant who is also wait listed, guess it would be better if they have asked us for our number so we can go inside the mall and wait for their SMS, that a table is already waiting for us. 

When we had our name called it took them actually 15 minutes to clean and set up the table, this is after they told us that the table is ready and they are just cleaning it. Another set off was, we were placed  near the cashier area and mind you, I placed my baby's stroller beside the cashier because the other side was a walkway, just to avoid getting bumped. My baby was sleeping at that time but the staff were loud and playful around my baby which eventually, as I have predicted some accident will happen no matter how I try to protect my baby, tho not that serious but still. They accidentally threw a few tissue paper and coins mid air while teasing each other and it ended up on my baby's stroller, I covered my baby as much as could.

Food wise I really liked their ramen, I guess for me this is my 2nd favorite ramen house from all that I've tasted so far, Ippudo would still be number 1 for me. Ramen Nagi again have that Japanese Ramen house ambiance, small and tightly spaced. I think most ramen house makes you feel you're in Japan while tasting their authentic Japanese ramen.

Our order consists of Ramen Nagi;s Original King ( Butao ) for me for PHP 390 and Black King ( Kuroo) for my hubby which is PHP 410. Read and drool on the breakdown below :

Original King (Butao) is a award winning tongkatsu pork broth prepared in the traditional method, mouth wateringly rich, fresh, aromatic, special handcrafted noodles and Classic Pork Chasu. 

Original King Butao Ramen for PHP 390

Black King (Kuroo) is a fragrant blackened garlic and calamari ink in a silky succulent chashu finished with a ball of minced pork, black sesame and Nagi spice that is irresistibly complex.

Black King Kuroo Ramen for PHP 410

I'm never a fan of weird tasting ramen, I always stick to their soy or salt based ramen but I really like their Black King (Kuroo) ramen, there is a certain flavor that really sticks in your tongue and kind of tickles your palate to make you want to eat more.

For more info :

Ramen Nagi have branches at : 

Robinsons Magnolia
Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, 
New Manila, Quezon City
SM Aura Premier
5/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway
McKinley Hill, Taguig
SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia, Ocean Dr
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay

Robinson's Place Manila
G/F Robinson's Place Manila, Adriatico S
Ermita, Manila

SM City North EDSA
G/F SM City North EDSA , North Ave
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City

Greenbelt 3
2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St
Ayala Center, Makati

UP Town Center
UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

The Podium
The Podium, ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong


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