Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Manang's Chicken

Manang's Chicken at AIG Tower

Manang’s Chicken tagged as the “Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy”, has the same crispiness as that of Bon Chon Chicken, but of course with a pinoy sweet and spicy sauce.

It is said that Manang’s Chicken originated from a lawyer’s house helper fried chicken recipe, thus the name of the restaurant Manang’s Chicken.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Luk Yuen Noodle House

Luk Yuen at Megamall

I have always been fascinated by the number of people eating at Luk Yuen. I am a big fan of Chinese food and I could say that Luk Yuen is one of those Chinese restaurants which are on top of my list for sure.  Their menu consists of classic Chinese dishes, dimsum, wanton, noodles, siomai and of course Yang Chow rice.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coco Fresco

Coco Fresco

Recently I was diagnose with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), mainly because I drink to much carbonated drinks, energy drinks and lots of sodas. 60% of the time I don’t drink water which led me to dehydration and later UTI.

So now, I’m going more natural and organic, also it was the doctor’s advised that I should drink more fluid and water.  I read that coconut (buko) juice could really replenish your lost fluids and is also a good cure for UTI, luckily there was new stall in SM Marikina which is Coco Fresco.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Secret Recipe

secret recipe
Secret Recipe

A friend and I went to Secret Recipe in SM Megamall Atrium, and sadly I was disappointed. I was expecting a bit more from this restaurant since a lot of my friends have recommended this place, especially the cakes.

So there we were one night, waiting at our table inside Secret Recipe. The place was really nice and the display case where the cake is located really makes you hungry. They have a variety of menu from pasta’s to other classic Asian Cuisines.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Loumar Pies and Tarts

Loumars pies and tarts

Tagaytay have been my second home, been visiting this place since I was a kid. So, I would like to feature one of the best place you could buy Paslubong  if ever you’re in Tagaytay.

Located along Aguinaldo Highway just a few meters away from the rotunda, is a place called Loumars Pies and Tarts.  There is a wide array of sweet you could buy displayed on the shelf. There are pineapple candies, lengua, piyaya, tamarind candies, some banana chips and of course lots of pies and tarts.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon

A friend of mine started posting this Happy Lemon thread all over my Facebook wall, I quickly googled it and search what that Happy Lemon is. Good thing there was one near our place, which is at Eastwood mall.

So there I was one lazy after-the-dentist afternoon, with teeth still aching, headed towards Eastwood. The place was very welcoming and the ambiance makes you feel really happy, I thought it was another Japan milk tea like Bubble tea because the mascot of Happy Lemon is a cute cartoon with a Lemon as it head , but it is actually a Chinese tea franchise.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is the expensive version of Infinitea, price are from 65 to 199php for tea drinks. Bubble tea is also known as “Tokyo Milk Tea Drink”, located on the ground floor of what used to be the biggest mall in the Philippines until SM Mall of Asia was built. My sister was the first to tell me to try out Bubble Tea, I thought that it was just a tea house, but upon entering the place I found out that it is also a Japanese restaurant serving Japan’s favorite meal like Ramen, Gyudon and Katsudon.



I am originally a coffee lover, but due to health issues and a constant persuasion from my dad,sister and friends that I should drink tea because of the benefits it could do to my health. I am now a convert from coffee to tea lover, But I haven't closed my taste buds for coffee of course. So I have tried 3 tea houses first one is Infinitea, then Bubble Tea and the latest was Happy Lemon. Since a friend ask me to write a review about this franchises, here I am in front of my laptop trying hard to remember the taste of each tea I drank, which is actually make me feel a bit of thirsty for tea.