Saturday, November 19, 2011

Secret Recipe

secret recipe
Secret Recipe

A friend and I went to Secret Recipe in SM Megamall Atrium, and sadly I was disappointed. I was expecting a bit more from this restaurant since a lot of my friends have recommended this place, especially the cakes.

So there we were one night, waiting at our table inside Secret Recipe. The place was really nice and the display case where the cake is located really makes you hungry. They have a variety of menu from pasta’s to other classic Asian Cuisines.

gordon bleu
Cordon Bleu and Milk Shakes

I wanted to order their Grilled Black Pepper Chicken and Mee goreng while my friend wanted a Japanese soba, to our disappointment the waiter said that none of these were available at the moment so we tried another dish but again they said it wasn’t available. The other waitress kept on insisting we order their Chicken Cordon Bleu since  I wanted a chicken dish and Lasagna Beef for my friend since its the only available pasta at the moment.

For our drinks I ordered Vanilla Milk Shake and he ordered Watermelon Frosty Juice.

watermelon shake and vanila milk shake
Vanilla Milk Shake and Watermelon Shake

The Cordon Bleu that they serve was disappointing really, the chicken was not tender at all, the cheese stuffing was not melted. The outside of the chicken was near burnt as you can see in the picture. The Beef Lasagna was on the average taste, the serving is enough for one.

cordon bleu
Cordon Bleu
Beef Lasgana

The drinks that they served were tasty and the ice were finely crushed. The chocolate cake as most people say is delicious. The price is of their menu ranges from 150php to 400php.

I know most people wont agree with me but overall I didn’t like the service and the food they serve here. But the cakes and sweet treats are highly recommended. Since holiday’s are coming I think their cake is a must-buy gift.

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