Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon

A friend of mine started posting this Happy Lemon thread all over my Facebook wall, I quickly googled it and search what that Happy Lemon is. Good thing there was one near our place, which is at Eastwood mall.

So there I was one lazy after-the-dentist afternoon, with teeth still aching, headed towards Eastwood. The place was very welcoming and the ambiance makes you feel really happy, I thought it was another Japan milk tea like Bubble tea because the mascot of Happy Lemon is a cute cartoon with a Lemon as it head , but it is actually a Chinese tea franchise.

I was slowly walking at the counter looking at the menu and checking out there prices, because during that time I only have 250php and I needed to get home after trying Happy Lemon so I was a bit concerned with the price. Good thing it only costs 99php for a large drink.

They were serving best of both world’s coffee and tea.  I ordered their famous Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese (RS&C). I was wondering how it would taste, but according to their staff it’s what they are famous for and what I should try if it’s my first time at Happy Lemon.

Waiting, waiting and waiting then finally my order came, I was a bit hesitant to drink it because mind you, rock salt with cheese and tea was really not your usual combination. 

No worries, the staff of Happy Lemon will instruct you to drink their Green Tea with RS&C without using a straw. I asked why and she just simply replied I will know soon. So, I took my first sip and I did found out why I should drink it that way. The taste of the salt was very distinct in the cheese and then came the after taste of the green tea. The combination was amazing, the combination makes you want to drink more and the smell of the tea was heavenly.

I finished everything with a big happy lemon smile on my face. I would definitely come back here and order their Lemon Yakult.

For more info:
Happy Lemon
Branches at
4th level of Eastwood Mall
2nd Level,Greenhills Promenade , San Juan
2nd Level, Archaelogy Annex, Makati Powerplant Mall

Other Milk Tea Houses that I have tried :
Bubble Tea 

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  1. sasadyain nmn ni bev to this friday sa eastwood,
    will try their legendary RS&C!! yehey

  2. Hi boss jorawsu,
    Hai goodlucka and enjoy po. sabi masarap din ung lemon rs&c nila and lemon yakult. enjoy. Tell, bevs meron din tea house sa may olopsc moonleaf ang tawag, im gonna try to go there this weekend and post my experience there. ENJOY :D


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