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I am originally a coffee lover, but due to health issues and a constant persuasion from my dad,sister and friends that I should drink tea because of the benefits it could do to my health. I am now a convert from coffee to tea lover, But I haven't closed my taste buds for coffee of course. So I have tried 3 tea houses first one is Infinitea, then Bubble Tea and the latest was Happy Lemon. Since a friend ask me to write a review about this franchises, here I am in front of my laptop trying hard to remember the taste of each tea I drank, which is actually make me feel a bit of thirsty for tea. 

This is located on the 6th floor of our office building which is OCC; I have listed the address below. The first time that it opened in our building there was a lot a buzz going on, I see people riding the elevator with a tall and cold drink the size of a large Zagu drink. I thought that it was just another look-a-like Zagu pearl shake franchise.

With all the buzz happening, I also followed the people going to Infinitea. I ordered Black tea with milk and my friend Pearl Milk Green Tea ordered, but instead of pearls (sago) we replaced it crystals (nata de coco).

It tastes good actually, considering that its only 60php and they were shaking the tea manually using cocktail mixers. Though compared to the other milk teas I have tried like Bubble Tea and Happy Lemon the tastes is not that distinct and plus there's a lot of ice, so when ordering be sure to ask if they could lessen the ice.

These are the tea that I have ordered so far Winter melon Tea (as of now it’s not available), Black Milk Tea, Peach Tea, watermelon tea, regular black and green tea.

They have Infinitea Loyaltea card, just buy 9 tall tea drinks and on the 10th you’ll get it for free. I have finished 2 cards and now I am on my 3rd Loyaltea with 4 stamps, so 5 more to go and my 10th infinitea drink is free. You can also reduce the amount of sugar that they put in the tea or you can choose to have no sugar added at all.

There are also different milk tea houses like Infintea, there is Happy Lemon famous for it's rock salt cheese flavor and Bubble Tea, a Japanese Tea House

For more info:
Branches at:
UST Campus
Miriam College
Robinsons Cyber gate Tower 3
One Corporate Centre (6th floor) beside Antel Global Bldg

 Loyola Heights behind Katipunan Ave.
02- 9223027463

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  1. there's also one in Loyola Heights behind Katipunan Ave.

    Like us on facebook! - Infinitea-Katipunan

  2. There's also one in Loyola Heights behind Katipunan Ave.

    Like us on facebook! - Infinitea-Katipunan

  3. @Infinitea, Thank you so much for the added information im gonna add that to my blog. Keep your tea delicious ! more power


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