Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stackers Burger

Stackers Burger @ Eastwood City
Craving for a burger fix, my family and I went to this Aussie restaurant in Eastwood. It’s called Stacker’s burger.

They brag about having real Australian beef burger, and since we are a fan of burgers and have tried Carl’s jr, Brother’s burger and wham this is something we couldn’t miss.

Stackers Cheese Burger
Stackers Iced Tea
The 4 us ordered their Stacker’s cheese burger, garlic fries and iced tea. The price range is very affordable, ranging from 95-250php per burger. And 45php for the iced tea.

I really liked their cheese burger, the patty really was beefy although there’s really no telling if its real Australian beef. But it was very tasty and tender. The beef patties' oil comes out every time you bite and it is really delicious. Their servings are big and the iced tea is a well treat for this meal.

I also liked the garlic fries that we ordered, especially the garlic bits that is included in the serving.

Since we really liked it, we have visited the place 3 times since we first went there.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Vine Grille

Old Vine Grille, Eastwood City
Nothing to do on a Saturday, with my constant foodie companions aka my family. We decided to visit one of our favorite hang-outs which is Eastwood, which caters to a lot of restaurant.

We ate at Old Vine Grille which is somewhat a European restaurant. Very cosy and offers a French feel ambiance. It is located at the ground floor of Eastwood City. Like most restaurant in eastwood the interior is narrow but stretches far back.

I really enjoyed the services in this restaurant because they are easy to approach and efficient in taking your orders. They also know when to walk up to you and when not to.
The food taste great and is always served hot, plus they offer you gourmet crushed peppers so no need to asked. The servings are generous and is served fast.

Seafood Paella
My mom ordered Seafood Paella,  the servings were big I even asked her to give some of her paella. It was not to salty and tasted just right.

Baked Salmon
For my Dad, who is at a constant cholesterol watch he ordered Baked Salmon. According to the waiter no oil was used in cooking this salmon. Recommended for those health and weight watchers glutton.

My sister ordered Lasagna, the tomato sauce in this lasagna was very distinct. Taste like real Italian lasagna.

Tiger Prawn in cognac sauce
For me, I order a seafood plate, Tiger Prawn in Cognac Sauce. It was tasty and the sauce really complements the tiger prawn. One thing I was not really happy about is the size of the prawn, I thought it would be bigger. But all in all, the experience was fulfilling.

For more info :


  • G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City

  • Contact 

  • 706-5573 / 706-5574 

  • Wednesday, January 5, 2011


    Masfere, Sagada

    During our visit to Sagada, we had no idea where to eat, what to do and where to go. So we ask the owner of the inn where the best place to eat at sagada, and she told us to visit Masfere.

    The place was spacious, the tables are arranged orderly and spaced properly. There were also pictures that lined up the walls of the restaurant. The pictures were taken by the Philippines Father of Photography, Eduardo Masfere. Looking at the menu it was a bit pricey for a restaurant located in Sagada, and plus there was really no difference in the menu of the food you could order here in Manila. They were serving adobo, tapa, longanisa and the like, I was really expecting something out of the ordinary something I could only eat in Sagada.

    Leaving us with no choice we ordered pork chop, adobo and lemon grass chicken. The lemon grass chicken was delicious and the batirol chocolate drink was also tasty.  It was just like an ordinary meal, but on the plus side the decors made the place really interesting and the history of the place is what keeps the tourist seeking Masfere.

    There's actually no inn at Masfere.
    For more info:
    Open monday to sunday 
    from 8am to 8pm

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