Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Vine Grille

Old Vine Grille, Eastwood City
Nothing to do on a Saturday, with my constant foodie companions aka my family. We decided to visit one of our favorite hang-outs which is Eastwood, which caters to a lot of restaurant.

We ate at Old Vine Grille which is somewhat a European restaurant. Very cosy and offers a French feel ambiance. It is located at the ground floor of Eastwood City. Like most restaurant in eastwood the interior is narrow but stretches far back.

I really enjoyed the services in this restaurant because they are easy to approach and efficient in taking your orders. They also know when to walk up to you and when not to.
The food taste great and is always served hot, plus they offer you gourmet crushed peppers so no need to asked. The servings are generous and is served fast.

Seafood Paella
My mom ordered Seafood Paella,  the servings were big I even asked her to give some of her paella. It was not to salty and tasted just right.

Baked Salmon
For my Dad, who is at a constant cholesterol watch he ordered Baked Salmon. According to the waiter no oil was used in cooking this salmon. Recommended for those health and weight watchers glutton.

My sister ordered Lasagna, the tomato sauce in this lasagna was very distinct. Taste like real Italian lasagna.

Tiger Prawn in cognac sauce
For me, I order a seafood plate, Tiger Prawn in Cognac Sauce. It was tasty and the sauce really complements the tiger prawn. One thing I was not really happy about is the size of the prawn, I thought it would be bigger. But all in all, the experience was fulfilling.

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  • G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City

  • Contact 

  • 706-5573 / 706-5574 

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