Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stackers Burger

Stackers Burger @ Eastwood City
Craving for a burger fix, my family and I went to this Aussie restaurant in Eastwood. It’s called Stacker’s burger.

They brag about having real Australian beef burger, and since we are a fan of burgers and have tried Carl’s jr, Brother’s burger and wham this is something we couldn’t miss.

Stackers Cheese Burger
Stackers Iced Tea
The 4 us ordered their Stacker’s cheese burger, garlic fries and iced tea. The price range is very affordable, ranging from 95-250php per burger. And 45php for the iced tea.

I really liked their cheese burger, the patty really was beefy although there’s really no telling if its real Australian beef. But it was very tasty and tender. The beef patties' oil comes out every time you bite and it is really delicious. Their servings are big and the iced tea is a well treat for this meal.

I also liked the garlic fries that we ordered, especially the garlic bits that is included in the serving.

Since we really liked it, we have visited the place 3 times since we first went there.

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  1. are there any branches of Stackers near the South. I would love to try them out!

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