Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wah Sun

Wah Sun Cantonese Restaurant
Before starting our Manila walk tour inspired by Carlos Celdran, we decided to eat Wah Sun, a cantonese restaurant famous for its wild boar pet located at the opening of the restaurant. The Black Boar is actually considered lucky , they also have a mini zoo located at the ground floor.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



Awesome! That’s the best word to describe Rustica. By first looking at the place you’d think that the prices are expensive, but mind you once you see the menu you might fall off your chair because it has one of the cheapest menu I have ever seen. The food prices range from 120-170php servings are good for 2-3 person, believe me its worth the 4 hours trip going from Manila to Tarlac.


Jatujak at SM Megamall
Haven’t tried anything Thai, so I was looking for a restaurant serving Thai food. Luckily, my work place is near a restaurant which serves Thai food. Jatujak, is located at the ground floor of SM megamall bldg A.

The first time I tried this place the experience was great. Everything was good, the food, the service, the atmosphere and the amount of servings they have.