Thursday, February 10, 2011



Awesome! That’s the best word to describe Rustica. By first looking at the place you’d think that the prices are expensive, but mind you once you see the menu you might fall off your chair because it has one of the cheapest menu I have ever seen. The food prices range from 120-170php servings are good for 2-3 person, believe me its worth the 4 hours trip going from Manila to Tarlac.

We ordered Buko Shake and Mango Shake their servings are really huge. Its one of the best fruit shakes I’ve tasted so far. The Pot Roast Beef that we ordered was so delicious, it’s buttery and the meat is very tender. The Yang chao rice was also delicious and the servings are good for 3. We also ordered lemon grass chicken which is equally awesome.
If ever your going north, take a stop at Rustica because it’s worth it.

Front of Rustica

Location :
Along Mac Arthur Hi Way, Concepcion Tarlac (it's hard to spot specially if your not familiar with the hi way open your eyes there is a big sign that says Rustica)

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  1. been here and loved the place

  2. Hi King,
    yes its a very nice place and the food they serve is really delicious.


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