Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wah Sun

Wah Sun Cantonese Restaurant
Before starting our Manila walk tour inspired by Carlos Celdran, we decided to eat Wah Sun, a cantonese restaurant famous for its wild boar pet located at the opening of the restaurant. The Black Boar is actually considered lucky , they also have a mini zoo located at the ground floor.

The lucky Black Boar
Wah Sun is located across the renowned Ambos Mundos which claims that they are the oldest restaurant in the Philippines.

We were a bunch of around 14 persons who have walked the whole of Sta.cruz and Binondo, Manila. Hungry and in need for sustenance , good thing Wah Sun can accommodate the gluttons that we are. Their menu is a variety of Chinese and Filipino cuisine, a wide choice of food and viands.

Eagle - one of the few animals in their mini zoo

Our menus consists of Pancit Canton Mami, Fried Tofu, Camaron Rebusado, Letchon, Adobo Silog, Fried Chicken, Chopseuy , Morcon, Pork Barbecue and Plain Rice. Most of our drinks were Black Gulaman and Mango Shake. Their serving's size is good for 3-4 persons so be sure to keep that in mind. They have servings sizes for small, medium and large. Our bill actually is around 1400php for 14 persons not bad at all.  

Note do not order the black gulaman, it's not sweet and tasted like water with ice and bits of Gulaman.

Feast your eyes
FOOD! :)
For more info :
Wah Sun, Sta. Cruz
741 Florentino Torres St., Sta. Cruz
Manila, Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 733-6709

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