Saturday, March 12, 2011

Orchard Road

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We decided to have a little treat for ourselves (promotion!), to a little sumptuous and off the budget meals. We choose Orchard Road for our reward, also as a pre taste for me, since I plan to take a 2 weeks’ vacation in Singapore on September.

We ordered a feast, it surprised us that each meal only costs around 100 – 160php, looking at the place we thought it's worth at least 300php a meal. The place was beautifully ornamented, the tables were arranged spaciously and the chairs are comfortable.

We did not know how to order at first so I’m going to teach you how. First, get the paper
menu upon entrance, pencils and ball pen are provided. Second, blackened the circle beside the meal you want to order. Lastly, proceed to the counter and pay for your order. Wait patiently on your table if you can.

Our orders consists of Chicken Ricecarrot cake, beef satay and char kway teow. The meal was on the average, although it’s my first time to eat carrot cake – omelet with radish, if find this meal very nice and unique. The beef satay is not that tender but the char kway teow is delicious , but very hard to pronounce.  The service is also nice, the attendants on the restaurant is very prompt. I would definitely go back and eat at orchard road. 

Orchard Road Menu
Orchard Road Menu 2
For more info : 
Orchard Road
2F Bridgeway SM Megamall,
Opens 9:00AM to 10:00PM Daily
02 - 470 4546

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