Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tokyo Café

Tokyo Cafe
After a long line on the salon, a new haircut, a hungry self, a demanding friend and plus our favorite restaurant was jam packed with people, leaving us with no choice but to eat at a restaurant foreign to us. Tokyo Café, have actually been a good stomach saver.

The place looks nice and the food smelled great so we went for the Tokyo Café experience. It was small in front but actually stretches out in the back area.

The menu was more like a mixture of modern Japanese and Italian pasta’s and pizzaI wasn’t really expecting that it was not an authentic all Japanese food restaurant. I was a bit disappointed by the menu that they serve.  So we tried to order a mix of dishes also, like salad and beef bento. Omiyage rice was also one of the menus that we ordered.

Beef Bento
Ceasar Salad
Kaibiju or Beef sliced
Japanese Rice
The place was nice, but the service was not very pleasant. The waiters were eager to have you seated but the time they take the orders and serve them was quite long. The beef was not tender and the salad was full of lettuce and there was not enough sauce in it. It was not a very good experience for us, so I may think twice if I will ever want to dine at Tokyo café again.

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