Thursday, February 10, 2011


Jatujak at SM Megamall
Haven’t tried anything Thai, so I was looking for a restaurant serving Thai food. Luckily, my work place is near a restaurant which serves Thai food. Jatujak, is located at the ground floor of SM megamall bldg A.

The first time I tried this place the experience was great. Everything was good, the food, the service, the atmosphere and the amount of servings they have. 

I ordered their Kaeng Nua or Red Curry Beef for 255php, of course you can have it medium spiced like the way I did.  I also ordered Goong Kratiem Prig Thai, a menu with prawn’s sautéed in garlic, cilantro and topped off with pepper which was a whopping 350php; servings are good for 2 by the way.

Jasmin Rice and  Kaeng Nua
Goong Kratiem
For my rice meal I ordered, Shrimp Pad Thai or shrimp rice for 185php. I didn’t forget to order their best selling drink which is Thai Iced Tea for 78php. Thai iced tea is served in a big, tall glass more than enough to fill one’s stomach.

Shrimp Pad Thai
Thai Iced Tea
Verdict, everything tasted great. The food, the rice and the Iced Tea, it’s a 4.5 out of 5 experience. Their dish is very affordable and I bet that they are all worth a try.

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