Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TAMAGOYA Noodle House : Budget Friendly Ramen House

Continuing my Ramen Series we now move on to a restaurant that have been featured in POP Talk of QTV 11, located near the boundaries of Marikina and Antipolo the hole in the wall ramen house that is known as TAMAGOYA.

A 2-storey building that looks like it really came from Japan, the structures are made of wood and the whole feel of the area is so-Japanese like those we read in Manga's (Japanese Comics) and Anime (Japanese Cartoons). Parking here is not really a big problem since this place is located at a residential area you can actually park on the side of the road, but of course caution must be exercised.

Looking at the menu I would say it's really one if not the cheapest ramen house I've been. There are plenty of choices here, around 15 different variety of Ramen, 15 varieties of Rice bowls and also a heap of finger/side dishes to choose from.


My hubby and I decided to get their best sellers as recommended by the waiters. We had their famous STAMINA RAMEN which is actually one of the main features during the show of POP Talk, and also their CHUKA SOBA one of the most sought after ramen variety at Tamagoya. We also had a side dish again mostly recommended by almost all reviews I've read the YAKI GYOZA and KARAAGE.

KARA AGE for PHP 148

Yaki Gyoza - Original pan-fried Dumpling PHP 98

CHUKA SUBA - Noodles with Soy Sauce base soup
for PHP 148

STAMINA RAMEN - Noodles with Chili Miso Paste
Base Soup for PHP 168

Us being a fan of Japanese Ramen, would rate this at 3.8 of 5 for the overall quality. Value for money would be 5/5, it's really cheap and the serving is huge. I did not like the type of noodles they used for the ramen my CHUKA SOBA noodles was too flabby or could I say too well done, my husband's noodle were still a bit uncooked and hard. But the taste was good enough for the price. Though I guess I was expecting too much since this place has created quite a buzz in the food enthusiast community. I would not say that standing outside the building for almost 1 hour is worth it, but it was fine and still an experience.

For more info :

TAMAGOYA!Noddle House
2 Hon. B. Soliven Ave, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines
+63 2 861 8631


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