Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jipan Cafe and Bakeshop

Jipan Cafe and Bakeshop

I'll be creating a RAMEN series since I think this is what I crave for during my first trimester. This would be Ramen Series #1 : Jipan.

First on my list is JIPAN, located on Megamall A Ground floor. I like the pastries here but this would be the first time I tried their Ramen.

Serving size is quite big, if you know you're not a big eater I suggest you share a bowl with someone. I am a seafood lover so I got myself a hefty serving of Seafood Ramen. The price of seafood ramen is PHP 295, it was served oozing hot so really wonderful to eat specially on cold weather. The seafood ramen have quite a variety of mixed seafoods in one bowl, consisting of shrimps, squids, and fish strips all in a light soup and tossed with vegetables.

Jipan's Seafood Ramen

My husband ordered Kakiage Udon, Udon is a thick kind of noodles unlike the ramen where in the noodles are thinner. Kakaiage Udon is a mixed of chicken strips and vegetable tempura, price is at PHP 275 a bit cheaper than the Seafood Ramen. It has thicker soup and noodles unlike the lighter soup I had with the Seafood Ramen.

Jipan's Kakiage Udon

Jipan's Kakiage Udon

For our dessert, we ordered a Ban Foster Jipan Perdu for PHP 219. It's baked sweet bread topped with sweetened banana and vanila ice cream. Wakes your sweet tasted buds.

Ban Foster Jipan Perdu

For more information :

Jipan Cafe and Bakeshop
Upper Ground Floor, Building A, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
(02) 633-5990


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