Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tong Kang Hawkers

Tong Kang station near Sengkang Ave, SG

Since Hawkers are very famous in Singapore I tried almost 4 different locations of hawkers. Tong Kang LRT station near Sengkang has its own hawker. There were about 9 stalls all in all, which showcase different types of cuisine from Indian, Korean, Singaporean and Malaysian foods.

Tong Fatt's boneless chicken rice
They said that if you’re going to go for a visit at Singapore you should try their famous Hainanese Chicken Rice and that’s what I did. It was white meat (chicken breast) with a salty kind of sauce, poured on the rice. It is best to pair with a homemade iced tea.  

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Homemade Iced Tea @ tongkang Hawker
I also tried on Malaysian cuisine, like Mee Goreng. It is a dish made of stir fried noodles which is a bit of spicy. I like seafoods so I choose to order Seafood Mee Goreng,  I am not a fan or spicy food but I really enjoyed eating mee goreng, it somewhat reminded me of Pancit canton which is famous in my country (Phillipines). 

My delicious Seafood Mee Goreng

And to satisfy my longing for Korean appetite I order Kimchi Soup, but I told them to lessen on the spice a bit. Kimchi soup is made out of stew with fermented kimchi, mixed a bit of pork and some tofu. 

Kimchi Soup
Then for dessert try on the iced lychee with jelly. It’s could help you ease the heat of the weather at Singapore.

Iced Lychee wit Jelly

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