Saturday, October 8, 2011

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Singpore Zam Zam Restaurant (Taken with a phone camera)
I am a big fan of briyani rice and curry and while I was at Singapore I wanted to look for a place where I could really tastes the real briyani and curry. A friend of my told me to visit zam zam which is a famous Indian restaurant in Singapore. They said that Zam Zam is even older than Singapore itself, around 100 plus years old.

With the help of google maps and a hungry appetite, I went out to search for Singapore Zam Zam. The place was clean and easy to find. You can asked around if you have difficulties finding it.

This place is famous for Murtabaks and Nasi Briyani, it’s what people come for according to the tag in front of the restaurant.

I ordered their Murtabaks and Chicken Nasi Briyani. It was my first time eating Murtabak, it was tasty and crispy with lots of meat fillings inside, it somewhat similar to Empanada in the Philippines.

For my next meal I ordered Chicken Nasi Briyani, it was served with soft rice and with very tender and juicy chicken topped up with curry sauce. What I liked about the curry sauce it is not to thick and not to watery. I could smell and taste the different spices that they used in the briyani.
Chicken Briyani Rice
Beef curry Rice

For more info : 
Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant 
697-699 North Bridge Road 

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