Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sabeena's Indian Rojak

I meet up with a friend at Bugis station while I was at Singapore, before our meet up time I was looking for a place to go somewhere near Bugis. So, I researched about a great place to eat near Bugis and the search results said Sabeena's Indian Rojak. Immediately, I google map the location and after a few minutes made my way to Sabeena.

I did not know what I was going to order so I asked what they were famous for and the said that I should try out their Rojak.  I actually did not know what it tastes or what is it but I still went for it anyways, because the place was famous for it.

The Indian Rojak consists of various freshly prepared fritters which include prawn, coconut flour balls, fried bean curd, eggs, boiled potatoes, different vegetable fritters mixed together and served with thick, spicy dipping sauce. But mine was less spiced.

Sabeena's Indian Rojak 
This tiny outlet is the branch of famous Sajis and, as expected, it also specializes in delicious Rojak, a traditional Southern-Indian dish that has long become a Singaporean favorite.

For more info : 
Sabeena's Indian Rojak
Open daily, 8:30 am - 7:30 pm (closed on the last Monday of every month)
01-152 Albert Centre, 270 Queen Street (a minute walk from MRT-Bugis, on the other side of New Bugis St.)

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  1. It looks a simple dish but tasty,delicious and maybe its affordable that can satisfied everyone who buy this.

    1. yes it's satisfying that's for sure. full of flavors :)


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