Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ramen Cool

So for our team's lunch we went to Ramen Cool in Kapitolyo, Pasig. There have been much talks about this restaurant and being a Ramen fanatic, I wanted to try first hand if the price equates to its taste.
We ordered a bunch of food, and I get to taste a bit of everything (they know I blog). Main course were the usual rice menu and ramen.

Here's the list of everything we had ;

RICE Meals 

Unagi Mix Rice for 435 PHP is a fried rice sauteed in soy sauce with meat toppings with scrammbled egg. Taste great and this is good for 2-3 persons so share.

Salmon Teriyaki for 315 PHP,  baked salmon (medium rare) as white rice topping. If you like salmon I think you will like this also, the salmon they use are fresh and cooked nicely in a medium rare kind of way.

Spicy Chicken for 220 PHP, the usual taste nothing amazing. Glazed chicken used as topping on plain white rice. This is a dish for those who always wants to keep it safe.

Seafood Tepanyaki for 295 PHP, a collection of tasty seafoods in one plate. I'll rate this 3 out of 5,  make sure to have this served while it still hot so it'll be a tastier.


RCool Ramen for 305 PHP, this was my personal order. Maybe I shouldn't have expected to much because this was one of their best seller. But I did not like the noodles they used, the soup base was tasty and all it's just the noodle does not compliment the taste. That just for me -- but indeed a must try!

Nabeyaki Ramen for 285 PHP, a mixed of seafood and mushroom in soy based ramen soup. I liked this better that RCool Ramen haha.


Classic California Maki for 185 PHP, can't even start to write this haha. I don't really know what they put here that makes them delicious from other calimaki I've tasted. But yeahhh I order 3 of this and I really love it.

Tuna Samurai (torched tuna) for 305 PHP, combination of sashimi and maki in one delightful little dish.

Salmon Skill Roll for 175 PHP, also delicious. Salty and sweet combined.

Tuna Sashimi for 190 PHP and Salmon Sushi for 195 PHP, don't fret though the price might seem cheap it's really delicious and fresh.

Tempura and Gyoza from Rame cool.

For More Info :

Ramen Cool
Cuisines : Japanese, Ramen

25 West Capitol Corner East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Phone Numbers
02 6360972
02 9984168

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