Friday, February 3, 2017

Marikina Carnival Food Park

Marikina Carnival Food Park

A lot of food truck park have been opening here in the metro, it's the best way to eat a lot... since there are a lot of choices in one area. You just have to brave the crowd whenever trying a food park, and go a little early since parking for sure would be jampacked.

Located in Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue Marikina, across Tata Motors you can easily get here by Jeep, tricycle or car. One of the easiest commute I could think of if you're not familiar with the area is alight at Santolan LRT 2 station and ride the tricycle (just tell them to bring you to carnival food park at gil fernando), it's about 40PHP.

Marikina Carnival Food Park at Night 

There were a lot of choices but we came a bit late so the line was sooooooo long on almost all the food booths so we decided to try the shortest since we were really hungry. Keep in mind, that you should not go here when you're too hungry to have patience to look for a seat, stand in line and wait to be served. hahaha!

We had Mexican food from Senorita, it was 3 out of 5 for us. We had quesadillas, beef tacos, Beef burrito and cheese tacos. They forgot 2 of our orders so we just decided to cancel it, I can't blame them there were tooooooooo many people that Sunday afternoon. The food was so-so since I didn't like the taste of the cheese that they used and actually all of us had the same feelings towards the food.

Senorita - Mexican Food

Senorita - Tacos 

Senorita - Quezadilla

Hopefully, I'll get to come back soon but it'll be on a weekday and on a petsa-de-peligro day just to make sure there are just enough people and I could surely go around the place to try more choices.

Some sneak peek of what you can expect to see on Marikina Carnival Food Park.

Dips 'N' Fry

Drinks Bar

Hungry Heroes

For more info : 

Marikina Carnival Food Park
87 Mayor Gil Fernando Ave, Marikina, Metro Manila
4PM - 12 MN
Monday to Sunday

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