Monday, September 15, 2014

Bawai's: Vietnamese Kitchen

Bawai's - Vietnamese Kitchen

This is another one of those after work spontaneous dinner with my boyfriend, we want to try this for quite some time now, but we always backed out since the parking is always full. One night we got lucky as there was one empty parking slot so we decided to finally try Bawai's - Vietnamese Kitchen.

Bawai's is one of the restaurants in the Bellitudo White Plains compound. I think this is a house converted into a restaurant, giving it the homey vibe. 

Bawai's at Bellitudo White Plains

We were actually looking for a light dinner since it was already past 9:30PM (GMT+8), good thing we stumbled upon Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen. Most of the menu here is for sharing so be sure to ask the waiters before ordering.

Our order consists of : 
1. Goi Ga (PHP 315) which is described as finely - chopped cabbage with steamed chicken, herbs and peanuts with house dressing. This is part of the Salad selection, the sour and salty sauce compliments the herbs they put in with the cabbage and steamed chicken. My tummy felt good after eating this.

Goi Ga Salad - Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen

2. For the noodles, which served as our main course here is what we had :
Pho Ga (PHP 325) is traditional noodle soup with slices of chicken topped with herbs and spices, subtle and clean-tasting but served with hoisin and chili to taste. They say that eating Pho really lifts your spirit, this saying came from a Vietnamese I had the pleasure of meeting during one of my travels in Thailand. It really did, traffic and work were really putting us down that day, and the Pho Ga manages to lift our spirits and we ended up laughing the night. The broth was very flavorful and it comforts you in a way I cannot describe. When you're feeling down why don't you try and have some of the delicious Pho at Bawai's.

Pho Ga at Bawais Vietnamese Kitchen

Pho Ga at Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen
3. For desserts we were adventurous enough to try their Basil Ice Cream. It was exciting imagining how it would taste like. I was hesitant to try the first bite but, I did it anyway... I would say best decision ever! hahahah! The ice cream was creamy, soft and the basil flavor was not that strong but you could still taste a hint of basil, I really liked it. We ended up having 2 orders of Basil ice cream. 

Basil Ice Cream at Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen
4. Forgot to mention the drinks we had, it was Tamarind Iced Tea. Really good for your tummy specially if you're feeling constipated. It sweet and just a little hint of sour on the flavor of the iced tea, wouldn't hurt if you'll try this too.

For more information :
Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen
79 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
02 4428874, +63 9178851445
Open Daily from 11AM to 2PM & 5PM to 10PM

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