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Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar

Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar
Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Barin Puerto Princesa Palawan, I’ve been to Palawan twice to date and this is one of the restaurants I keep coming back to. The reason is that they have the most delicious Crocodile Sisig in Puerto Princesa. Yes you heard it right, Crocodile Sisig. This is a must try if ever you’ll visit Puerto Princesa. Not to worry they only kill crocodile if the breeding ground is too populated.

So “how to get there?” I guess is a very easy answer, as long as your staying at any hotels, transient or inn in Puerto Princesa, Palawan you can just ride a tricycle and ask them to take you to Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar. If you’re looking for a landmark, Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar is quiet near the Puerto Princesa Airport. One of the best features of Palawan is that almost all location within Puerto Princesa is accessible via public transport such as tricycles or jeepneys.

Mixed Seafood Sisig

Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar

Mixed Seafood Sisig & Crocodile Sisig - Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar

Crocodile Sisig

Ensaladang Lato

Ginataang Hipon sa Buko

Food wise, of course you know how I will rate Crocodile Sisig it would be 5 out of 5. The mixed Seafood would be 4 out 5 and their very own Ugong Rock Iced Tea is a must, must, must try pair it with any of the dishes in Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar. I recommend also one of the house specialty which became one of my favorite food Ginataang Hipon sa Buko and their Ensaladang Lato (seaweeds with tomato). And a note to all readers, all seafood ingredients are fresh catch if you go there around 7am (the restaurant opens 9am) you can witness the delivery of the fresh sea foods. 

Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar

Ugong Rock Grill & Seafoods Bar

Price is affordable, most the dishes costs around Php150 – Php 400. The location is also very cozy; since the fresh air flows in and out of the restaurant it makes your feel closer to nature.

For More Info:
Rizal Avenue, Barangay Bancao-Bancao,
Puerto Princesa City 5300, Philippines
+63 48 434 9095 


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