Wednesday, August 6, 2014


For the longest time Chavs who is my friend, my boss and also my mentor had planned to go to St.Pio in Libis, but due to certain commitments with work and stuff we were never successful. Then one morning before heading to work I sent an SMS asking if she's busy, luckily she had no meeting that morning. We both immediately blocked our office calendar from 11AM to 2PM hehe >:-).

After praying and buying stuff at the gift shop we headed for Eastwood City to have lunch. I've missed this place, I used to work here though it's crowded it serves a lot of good food and many events are held here.

I chose Bigoli, since I'm craving their famous Bread sticks. We both chose Ravioli di Laguria, since were both fan of the dish. It was both my first time to eat ravioli at Bigoli though i have tried other dishes from them.

Sorry for not taking photos of the place, we didn't had the time because Chavs lost her blackberry and we had to trace out routes backward. Sadly, we never found it and her phone got disconnected around 30min or so :(.

Our lunch date at Bigoli (me and chavs)

Ravioli di Laguria - Bigoli
Delicious Ravioli di Laguria @ Bigoli

Ravioli di Laguria
Ravioli di Laguria

Refreshing - Black Grape Shake at Bigoli
Center Plaza, Orchard Rd
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
(02) 421-0416

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