Monday, May 14, 2012

Mushroom Burger Katipunan

Mushroom Fries

I went to this place on a by-request basis, I have tried Mushroom Burger on its original branch at Tagaytay luckily there’s one branch in Katipunan near Ateneo and UP Diliman. I am not a stranger to the Mushroom Burger menu but my friend is, so I decided to order for him King Mushroom Burger Meal for 160php , which is a whopping 2 layers of Mushroom+beef burger patties, vegetables and cheese separated by a half bun of bread. Fries and regular soft drinks are included in the meal.

King Mushroom Burger
My usual order is Royal Mushroom Burger Meal for 120php, it’s more petite that the King Mushroom Burger, since there is only one Mushroom + Beef burger patty, egg patty, cheese and vegetable in between. The meal also includes regular fries and soft drinks.

Royal Mushroom Burger

For our dessert we tried Tornado Mixed berries for 35php, its soft served ice cream with berries to top everything.
Tornado Mixed Berries

The meal is really satisfying it’s big and it’s flavorful even if it’s a mixture of mushroom and beef. Unlike most beef burger the patties of Mushroom Burger’s is not that oily, and this is highly recommend for those people who are on diet but couldn’t say no to a piece of burger. It taste like beef but with less fats, so no more guilty feeling.

King Burger and Royal Burger meal
For someone like me, who’s rediscovering the flavors and taste of vegetables, you can start here try one of their Mushroom Burger meals and maybe you just might change your view about the taste of vegetables.

Another thing, I enjoyed their car seat chairs though I cannot recline it but still I enjoyed the experience and I think my friend also did. We’ll definitely comeback here and try other stuff on their menu.

Car Seat Chairs
PS. They also offer UNLIMITED RICE FOR DINE IN customers.

Unlimited Rice

For More Information:
297 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. (Across Ateneo de Manila)
For free delivery, call 882-8888.


  1. I love the whole concept of the resto. We love going to Mushroom Burger in Tagaytay, the classic mushroom patties are to die for.

    1. I agree, we visit tagaytay almost every other month i have tried the burger there for more than 20 times or even more, but i still can't get enough of it.

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  3. This burger's got me curious! I have to try this soon! :)

    1. You got that right. let me know if you have. :). take care.

  4. I miss :( sana may other branches.

  5. Saan ba my pinakamalapit na branches dito? gus2 kong matikman ito....nakakatakam naman"

  6. i have to try this! can't wait! :D


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