Monday, April 30, 2012

Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulaluhan

Last Saturday, with my friend-turned-partner in eating asked if I know a good place to eat around Markina, I quickly flipped through my brains’ yellow pages and I remembered Vivian’s Tapsihan. Since it’s close to where I live, we just took one tricycle and walk a bit. For those who are not familiar with the place it is near Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall, just cross the Foot Bridge and then walk a few meters.

Tapsi ni vivian at bulalohan

I have seen this place turn from an old turo-turo / bulalohan to a now fancier tapsihan and bulalohan. They even added a roof deck with Bar and grill for those who works at night this place is the place to be J.

Stairs going to the roof deck
Since it’s my friend’s first time to eat here I ordered their best seller which is TAPSILOG (tapa, sinagag na kanin and itlog), the meal cost 80php.  While waiting for our meal, their famous free bulalo soup was served.  My friend quickly took a sip of the bulalo soup and fell in love with its rich bulalo taste.

Complimentary bulalo soup

He said that the beef is tender and tasty, and I told him that the tapa has been that way ever since I could remember. My family and I have been a fan of Vivian Tapsi for over a decade and good thing the quality and quantity didn’t change.

Aside from Silog menu they also serve a variety of meat and veggie viand, if ever your going there make sure to try some of it. A complete meal cost around 80php to 100php, accessibility is not a problem there are multiple ways to get there.
230PHP for a busog meal ... burp!

For more information :
Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulaluhan
32 Gil Fernando Ave. , San Roque,
Marikina City


  1. I've heard a lot about Vivian's, will try it soon! :) Uh, a little tip, maybe you can avoid posting the picture of the receipt and just include the prices in your post? :)

    1. Hi michymichymoo, yup hope you get to try this one real soon I'm sure you'll enjoy dining here. Thanks for the tip :), we'll be keeping that in mind :)


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