Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uncle Cheffy’s Brick-Oven Panizza

Uncle Cheffy's Facade

It was one of those lazy days where I just want to stretch my legs or go somewhere, spend a little because I still have money left from my bonus hahaha, and that somewhere led me to Eastwood City. So there I was, shopping around the tiyangge (Bazaar) looking for stuff that I could use or do something with. Luckily, it was the last day of the bazaar so most of the stuff I bought were discounted up to 50% off, you just have to charm the sales lady to get the discount… hahaha beat that! Before heading to Eastwood mall took a bit of dessert at Dairy Queen, then proceeded to my shopping at the mall. Around 7pm I got really tired and hungry, I was looking for a place to satisfy my starvation.

My prayer was answered by a flyer that flew on my face (really!). I read the flyer it says “Uncle Cheffy’s Brick – Oven Panizza”, thought to myself “ What is Panizza? ” and there’s only one way to answer this question “I MUST EAT AT UNCLE CHEFFY!”

The place was quite big, they have function rooms and the restaurant was extended up to the balcony. I asked for a table near the balcony, so I could get a good view of Eastwood at night and also some fresh air.  I was really nervous because the place looks expensive, so I made a backup plan, texted my sister who’s currently working there, made sure she’s there, in case I ran out of money.

Uncle Cheffy's Eastwood
Looking at the menu it’s more on the Italian cuisine side, I ordered Uncle Cheffy Salad, Grilled Blue Marlin - Cafe De Paris for my main course, a promo Panizza Sampler as additional order and Uncle Cheffy’s iced tea. I ordered this much because I thought the serving size was good for 1 person only.

Holy what! The servings were ENORMOUS. Everything I ordered could feed 2-3 persons, and there I was thinking how these could fit my stomach. I really felt guilty and overwhelmed at the same time, seeing the utterly indulgence in front of me.

The Uncle Cheffy Salad (450.00 php) consists of Crispy pork belly, asparagus, potato and mesclun in dijonnaise dressing. It was very tasty, the pork was really crunchy plus the baby potato was boiled properly it wasn’t hard to bite at all and the dijonnaise dressing was very mild just enough to compliment the vegetables. I was able to finish this one.

Uncle Cheffy's Salad

Uncle Cheffy's iced tea

Grilled Blue Marlin - Cafe De Paris with brown rice and couscous pilaf (395.00 php) was fulfilling and delicious. The blue marlin was grilled to perfection, just the way I like it not much smoky flavor on the marlin. The marinade of the Blue Marlin could be tasted on every bite of the fish meat. Also, the brown rice suites the tastes of the grilled blue marlin.

Uncle Cheffy's Grilled Blue Marlin

During the time I ate here there was Panizza Promo Sampler Platter (595.00 php) on the menu. If I remember correctly the platter consist of 6 flavors of panizza which are cheese, cheese and cheese panizza, Seafood Lovers, All Meat Barbecued, Uncle Cheffy Favorites, East Meets West, and Larry's Craving everything I guarantee is worth a bite. Also included on the platter is Spaghetti Alejandro it is a Spanish-inspired pasta with tomato sauce, smoked chorizo, pimiento and Edam cheese. 4 crispy chicken sticks were also included in the platter.

Uncle Cheffy's Panizza Sampler - YUMMY

Remember : You have to put the Tomato, Arugula leaves and Alfalfa sprouts on the thin crust panizza then roll it up, then eat it. The combination of the herbs, the saltiness of the cheese and the dough is really, really delicious. And this is what a panizza mean J.

Arugula leaves, Tomato and Alfalfa sprout

Uncle Cheffy's Panizza Sampler

Although the prices were expensive, my total bill was around 1500 php , but with the enormous serving size, excellent quality and delicious taste of the food, everything is worth it. Of course, I wasn’t able to finish everything, I asked them to wrap the left-over’s so I could take it home. I had to stay for another 30 minutes at uncle cheffy’s after I billed out because I was really full and still have a hard time walking hahaha. Next time eat here I’ll make sure to bring someone who has the same or even bigger appetite than I do. By the way, my waist still measures 25 inches, even after all this gastronomic adventures I had.

For more info:
Uncle Cheffy, Eastwood Mall
2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 383-7215


  1. I find the salad quite pricey. I hope I could try Uncle Cheffy's soon. :)

    1. yes i agree, for a salad its really too much. Yes you won't be sorry if you're gonna eat there. :) let me know once you tried uncle cheffy

  2. wow! that looks like a very nice restaurant dear! will try to visit when i go back in philippines! the foods look so yummy! xx god bless!

    1. yes this one of the best restaurant i have tried so far. :). Hope you get to visit this place soon :D. regards

  3. Replies
    1. Yes everything is totally delicious <3. Visit the place if you can :)

  4. Replies
    1. yes it's really delicious. They also have a branch in el pueblo ortigas near SM Megamall. :)

  5. I wanna try it too...base on what i see here, i believe food here are delicious.

    1. Hi reyah, yes i recommend you try this. Your money is worth it. Let me know if you have. EnJoy :)

  6. enjoyed dining here based on your recommendations. superb!


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