Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chicken Rice Shop


After an afternoon walkathon around Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, I accidentally passed by this new restaurant at the ground floor of the mall. Since I am a chicken rice lover, I of course didn’t let the opportunity pass.
The area is big, spacious and very clean. I like their rooster shaped utensil holder, I actually wanted to take it home by my friend stopped me.  The meal is similar to those Singaporean - chicken rice restaurant around the metro like Hainanese Delights, Orchard Road and The Original Singapore Rice Chicken which I have tried. As you can see, I am really looking for the best Chicken rice here similar to what I have tasted when I was in Singapore.

Rooster shaped utensil holder
Chicken rice shop

So there we were looking at the menu, when my friend who’s a frequent visitor in Malaysia and Singapore suggested we ordered their Plated Roast Chicken, Quarter (1/4) size this meal is only 188php. We also tried Braised Egg for 38php, I really enjoyed this side dish its boiled egg on soy sauce, and I order 2 of this.

Quarter Roasted Chicken Meal

Braised Egg

The Rice the comes with the meal

I wasn’t actually expecting anything from this restaurant, since most of those chicken rice restaurants I have tried have the same taste. When our meal was served, I was really excited I could smell the soy marinade on this meal. The serving size is also big, if you’re a big eater it could satisfy you, really!

The taste of the roast chicken is delightful, as of writing this article I could say this is the best chicken rice I have tried so far, it’s a par to those I’ve tasted in Singapore. And I quote my friend on this “it takes me back last 2004 when I was still living in Malaysia, really taste great “he said this after taking his first few bites of the roast chicken.

Roasted Chicken at The Chicken Rice Shop

The service of the crew is fast, they told us to wait for 15 minutes till the meal arrives but it took less than that, estimate is around 5 minutes of waiting time. We really, really enjoyed eating here and even order 2 more extra rice, on one note their rice serving is actually good for 2 so for light eaters this is a bit of a challenge to finish. 

We also ordered their Hongkong Stir Fried Noodles and Lumpiang Shanghai. Both are delicious, though I find the noodles too uncooked.

Lumpiang Shanghai
Hongkong Stir Fried Noodles


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