Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fat Friar at Universal Studios Singapore

Friar Tuck
In this very quaint little chapel that actually serves as a restaurant is a place called Fat Friar. This restaurant is located at Universal Studios Singapore (USS).  There is a giant Fat Friar statue located in front of the store so there’s no way that you could miss that.

The place is a bit small, and crowded at most time, I took a few snacks at Fat Friar while making my journey through USS. There is a big stained glass depicting the Friar Tuck, it’s cute and colorful.

Stained Glass of Friar Tuck

The best I could recommend I think is the pretzels/waffles in the place. The chicken is also tasty and nice. Be sure to check out this place when you visit USS. 

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  1. Hello! Do you mind telling me the average price for the meals you spent. Trying to research on the most filling and reasonably priced restau at USS. :)

    1. Hi Margaret,
      If i remember correctly it ranges from $SGD5-$SGD10 for indiviual meals and around 20SGD - 40SGD for group meal. Hope this helps!


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