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Makansutra - Gluttons Bay at Singapore

Makansutra - Gluttons Bay
I went to Singapore last September 17. It was actually my first time flying internationally. I was both nervous because I was travelling alone, excited at the same time mainly because i get to experience authentic dishes made in that country,see beautiful places and mingle with different cultures.

When I arrived at Singapore, I went straight (i was still carrying my luggage) to their famous Marina Bay sands, took a few photos and stayed for a bit on the viewing area to savor the view of the famous 3 sticks. Then as I was looking around I found this amazing place which they call as "The Gluttons Bay - Makansutra", it was a sure call for my hungry self. There where about 7-10 stalls of food, ranging from
malaysian, thai, singaporean, penang, and indonesian cuisine stuffed in one place, it was heaven for me. There is also a Mang Kiko's lechon which features of course our very own Lechon and Liempo.

I tried out there Beef, Chicken, Prawn Satay stick for S$3.60, it was delicious and the meat was tender and flavorful. Satay's are like barbeque in our country. Then, I ordered Carrot and Oyster cake for S$1.40 each, the carrot cake isn't actually a pastry cake it is an omelet mixed with daikon (chinese raddish), it was called cake because of the way the rice flour binds the ingredients. According to a friend of mine who is a frequent visitor in Singapore it is a "Must-try" food, so I tried eating the white and the black carrot cake and they were both amazing. The white carrot cake was a bit sweet while the black one was a bit salty. Carrot cake are actually famous as a Chinese breakfast food but I was eating it around 8pm haha.

The oyster cake was also delicious but don't forget to put the sauce in it otherwise, you wouldn't be experiencing that sudden jolt of flavors coming from the egg, the flour-rice mixture and the oyster all mixing up and firing up your taste buds (yum yum!). I enjoyed this dish very much as I am a sea food lover.

I also tried the Thai stuffed chicken wings, I ate around 3 of this finger licking chicken wings.You could have it spiced up if you want.The servings at Makansutra could feed two people actually but I finished everything by myself hahaha :)).

For dessert I tried Lychee konnyaku jelly for S$2.30. It was like lychee chilled, dipped in sugar syrup then mixed with jelly (gelatin). I think its famous in Singapore because of the konnyaku jelly they used in this dessert, apparently it is very low in calories, fat-free and rich in fiber.But the taste for me was really just like eating a canned lychee, nothing to distinct in its taste.

I was drinking Milo Dinasaur,which is actually just a cup of Milo with an extra spoonful of powdered undissolved Milo added to it mixed with condensed milk, tastes like regularly Milo :).But I wanted to try this one, because most of my friends who have been in Singapore told me that I should try it, and so I did.

As I was exploring esplanade and getting ready to go home I went to try out this hot tea drink to loosen my stomach from all the food i ate at Makansutra. The tea drink was called Teh Tarik, according to the brochure it was a Malaysian hot tea drink, its name was derived from the pouring process during the preparation of the drink. It was actually made of black tea and condensed milk . The way it was prepared was different, the barista was pouring the tea mixture from one cup to the other, then walla TEH TARIK was served, I am an original coffee lover,not a tea lover until recently I inherited the love for tea from a friend, ahem! And yes, instantly I became addicted to Teh tarik, it was soooo delicious. The taste of the black tea was very well mixed with milk, it was sweet and yet you could still taste the tea in it.

After having a blast of smoke,beautiful sceneries, flavors, tons of food from different country,combined with exhaustion and excitement Teh tarik was the best way to end my first night in Singapore. Thank you makansutra for the amazing gastromonic experience.

Added info :
Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd
Block 462 Crawford Lane#02-63
Singapore 190462
Tel : 64384038
Fax : 62941739

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  1. I love the Cereal Prawns in Makansutra. Their crunchy and yummy! I also like the seafood rolls and the bbq chicken wings! Superb!

    1. Hi Kc,
      I haven't tried that one. if i visit the country again i'll be sure to try your suggestion. Thanks


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