Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bon Chon Chicken

Chicken Bon Chon

As i was walking around SM Megamall, I stummbled upon this new restaurant called Chicken BON CHON. The place is a bit small, but mind you there about 15-20 people outside waiting to be seated. That's when I started to wonder what's the fuzz about this chicken bon chon,so me and my friend also asked the waiter to list our name on his reservation, then waited anxiously outside till our names were called out.

I was actually excited about this, because of the many people on queue, but I still did not know what i was gonna order. Then after about 10minutes of waiting out names were called out. While I was at the counter I couldnt think of anything to oder, so I asked the girl at the counter what she could recommend for us since it was my first time at Bon chon. She recommended Meal B, which is composed of 2 chicken drumsticks could be spicy garlic or soy garlic, one rice and regular softdrinks.

I opted for soy garlic since it was what most people order. So I got my number, waited at my table and after 2 minutes or so the bon chon exprience started. My first bite on the crispy chicken, BAM! that was the word to best describe it. It was crispy and yet it was not hard to bite, plus the coating on the chicken skin which was soy garlic was very flavorful. The tenderness of the meat was amazing and plus you could also taste the soy garlic on the chicken meat. I became addicted to bon chon, as in totally addicted.

What I love about bon chon is that the unique flavor of their chicken is really amazing, plus they serve there food hot and the service they provide is quick and efficient. Even took my mom and my dad at Bon Chon C5 so they could try out this amazing chicken. Good thing they have deliviries, but it is a bit hard to connect especially if your using mobile phone to contact them.

I posted below the delivery details. One more thing the meal costs around 145php, very cheap for such an amazing chicken experience :). Try it out for yourselves!
Delivery Numbers

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