Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Café by the Ruins

Cafe by the ruins

Looking for an old delicacy, unknown to most people who grew up in Manila (like me), my stomach brought me to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. This delicacy as my friend have bragged about have been his favorite during his college days there.

I’m talking about, Pinikipikang Manok. It took us a few searches on the internet before we could find this forgotten dish. Finally, the searches returned Café by the Ruins. With just an address we asked the taxi driver if he knows the restaurant and we were in luck, he knew the way.

Pinikpikang Manok
So there we were in a cold, rainy Baguio lunch time waiting for the taxi to bring us to Café by the Ruins. After a few minutes, we arrived there the place is really nice, the decorations the wooden table, and the photograph that lined the walls of the café.
We ordered of course Pinikpikang Manok, taste like tinolang manok but the meat of the chicken is more tender and soft.

What makes this dish special is because Pinikpikan is the way of killing the chicken, using a small bat to slowly kill the chicken. It’s an old tradition done on the northern part of the Philippines such as Mt.Province, Abra and Baguio. It has not been practiced for a long time because some say that the way the chicken is killed is very brutal.

I really liked it because wherever I go I try to eat the food that is a delicacy in a certain place. So this pinikpikang manok was really a great treat on my birthday and vacation at Baguio. The price are from 145-375php.

If your in Baguio and looking for a delicious Italian Pizza place you could try Pizza Volante, they serve great pizza and pasta. And also try Ukay - ukay it's very famous in the area and its fun to shop :)

For more info:
cafe by the ruins is located in front of the municipal hall of Baguio City

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