Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cafe Lidia

Cafe Lidia
Cafe Lidia, is just 2 streets away from our house can you imagine that. A great place to eat which is walking distance away. I have often passed by this place which is jam packed with people, car parked at both side lined up, covering almost 3 blocks.

It took me actually a couple of months to visit this place, a bit of sales talk and an offer to pay half of the bill, with my hungry mom, dad and ate we tried out this place.

Cafe Lidia is located in Calderon, Calumpang which was almost 2 streets away from our neighborhood, so getting there was just a walk away.

We waited to be seated and then looked at the menu and started ordering. My family is also a big fan of food so its really nice going out with them because they have big appetite.

So these are the food that we order :
Beef Salpicao, Carbonara, Garlic and Shrimp Pizza,Roast Chicken, Baked beef penne,strawberry and chocolate frappes. For dessert Blueberry cheesecake.

Carbonara ala Lenguini
Baked Penne
My first experience at Cafe Lidia was amazing, I have brought friends at this place to also take a peak and experience good foods at an affordable price. Food prices ranges from as low as 85php to 350php, servings are humongous.

Everything we ordered were amazing, everything tasted great and meat were all tender. The servings were generous,the desserts and drinks was not to sweet just enough to wake that sweet tooth in you.

For 4 adults, our bill was around 1200php. I think people keeps coming back at this place is because its an affordable yet the tastes and looks is expensive.

Cafe Lidia is located at 64 Calderon Street Calumpang, Marikina. Pasig-Marikina jeepneys that are on the way to Marikina would pass by the restaurant, just open your eyes cause the street is a bit dark. It’s open from 10:30 am to 11 pm from Mondays to Sundays and from 3 pm to 11 pm on Sundays. You can reserve tables and inquire through 6477606.

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