Monday, August 13, 2012

Tok - Yu Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant

Tok-yu Sushi Bar and Japanese restaurant

2 of my colleagues brought me here at Tok-yu Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant, they knew I had the appetite to try new resto or any food joints for that matter. Though I’m not a fan of raw Japanese food but I loved the other cooked stuff they have on the menu.

The place was a mix of cheap Japanese style restaurant with green steel chair that really goes out of place with the whole Japanese theme, but hey it’s the taste of the food that matters :) .


The 3 of us ordered separate meals which I will show you later. When the food arrived I wasn’t really expecting that the servings would be huge. I mean I have been to Japanese resto before and they really are the minimalist. As you can see from the picture 2 person can eat each of our meal. So here’s the set that we ordered:
My colleagues ordered 2 Sushi Super Mix Special composed of 8 rolls of California Maki, 2 pieces of tamago roll , 2 pieces of ebi roll and 4 pieces of kani maki. It was a sight to behold and it really tastes good.

Sushi Super Mix Special

For my meal I ordered Japanese Fried Rice and Ebi tempura. Both were satisfying really. We tried to finish our sumptuous meal but sadly due to the amount of food we had, we were not that successful in finishing the meal, but hey at least we had some left for take-outs.

Japanese Fried Rice

Ebi Tempura

For our drinks we all had Red Iced Tea, I really enjoyed this drink it’s not too sweet and very refreshing.

Overall, I really enjoyed eating at Tok - Yu Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant, I enjoyed the taste of their dishes and the servings were huge. Tok - Yu Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant is located at Pioneer Center Supermarket, 8006 Pioneer St., cor. United St., Kapitolyo Pasig City.

Sample Menu


  1. Cool! Another hole-in-the-wall discovery :) These types of places has a special place in my heart. Will definitely visit Jap resto out :)


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