Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elbow Room Lounge

Elbow Room Lounge - Metrowalk Pasig city

We had our team milestone at Elbow Room Lounge in Metrowalk, Pasig City. I was really looking forward to coming here because I enjoy videoke and plus they have a lot of good stuff on their menu. They also have billiards in the VIP room that we rented at Elbow Room, which is a plus because most of the places I’ve been have either videoke machines or billiards table only.

We we’re a big group around 25-30 persons so we opted to rent the Elbow Room - VIP Room, which includes both videoke machine and billiard table. Since we had about 8000php consumable we pre-ordered a big set of menu which includes:  Beef Caldereta, Buffalo Chicken wings, Roast Beef, Crispy Pata, and Sizzling Sisig. You can also have appetizers, for us we had Cheese Sticks that we loved. Please take note that cheese sticks are made especially for buffet orders only. If ever you ran out of cheese sticks like we did, you cannot place an extra order, but we were in luck because they had a few left when we asked them for an extra cheese sticks. I suggest that you order beforehand since the cheese sticks are really delicious.

Cheese Stick <3

Buffalo wings

Roast Beef and Beef Caldereta

I really enjoyed Elbow Room’s version of Buffalo wings, the sauce on the chicken was really tasty and not so spicy, plus the chicken were tender and moist. The Beef Caldereta was a bit spicy but still tastes good. I’m not really a fan of their Roast Beef, the meat was a bit hard and the sauce was dull, not the buttery and creamy that I prefer for a roast beef.

Their Crispy Pata was delicious, the meat was cooked just right and the meat was very tender and everything was very tasty. I love their Sizzling Sisig, the pork was cooked very well, the plate was still sizzling when they served it and the egg could still be cooked on the sizzling plate. I really enjoyed the tastes of their Sizzling Sisig, it has lots of onions and chicharon.

Crispy Pata
Sizzling Sisig

If ever you want to rent or place and event at Elbow Room make sure to ask to include an extra microphone for the videoke machine in case one of you may want to do a duet song. You could play 8 balls, 9 balls and 13 balls on their billiard table. They have chalk box for your hands and also chalk (Tisa) for your cue sticks. Elbow room provides plenty of cue sticks so no need to worry about running out of it.  They also have mechanical bridge or rake (tiririt), which can be used for difficult plays on the table.

For more info please visit their website at:
or look for them at 

The Elbow Room Lounge
2nd floor, Metrowalk Commercial Complex,
Meralco avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City
(02) 6311404

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